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Rafter J Ranch Barn, Inc | Parrish, FL

The Rafter J Ranch Barn, Inc venue is amazing for weddings as there is a lot of room to mingle, dance, eat, and still enjoy the sound of music in such a joyous atmosphere. Not only is it loved by brides, but DJ’s also compliment the sound quality of the room. (As DJ’S have to make a lot of adjustments for setting up equipment to work with space and make the best sound possible….and working within the Rafter J Ranch Barn, Inc’s location, many DJ’s are able to bring beautiful sound to the ears of Brides, Grooms, and their guests.)

Rafter J Ranch Barn, Inc History:

Leola and Abraham John moved to to Parrish, Florida in 1918. They bought the 110 acres from a family member and built the house in 1921. This is the same house in which the current owners still live today. The property had a persimmon grove and chicken houses back in the early 1900’s, but then was transformed into a cattle ranch which is currently operated by her grandson, Mitchell John, and his family. The land on which they live is more that just property to them. It is a symbol of family heritage and they take pride in carrying on the tradition.

Family heritage is something they hold close to their hearts, so they want to welcome you to come and celebrate your family (and friends because they are family too) in the barn whether its with a wedding to unite two families into one, a graduation party to celebrate someone’s success, a birthday party to celebrate another year of life, or even a retirement party to mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of someone’s life. They would be delighted to share the place where they celebrate family so you can celebrate yours!

10249 Corbett John Road Parrish, FL 34219



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