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The Dress

Finding the perfect look.

Finding the Perfect Look

You’re engaged, congratulations! Now the fun begins. It may seem to be a bit daunting at times, but nothing-solid organization can’t over come. After you set your budget, one of the first things you will want to do it buy your wedding gown. This will set the tone of everything else you do!

When you dream of your wedding gown how do you see yourself… On the beach at sunset in a softly flowing gown? … In your parents backyard in a short dress with flowers in your hair? … Or in a beautiful ball gown and cathedral veil with a bevy of attendants surrounding you? Whatever the picture in your head, think about contacting a professional bridal consultant, they can easily help you achieve the perfect look. While shopping online might seem enticing, we recommend buying from a local store, that has quality seamstresses. If anything goes amiss, you will have someone right there to help you overcome any difficulty.

Have an idea of what appeals to you. Read Nuovo Bride Magazine and spend a bit of time on-line picking styles you like. Then call your local bridal boutique to make an appointment. Pick a day and time that you will be able to relax and enjoy the experience. Bring your Mom or a close friend. Don’t bring your entire family or bridal party and definitely leave the kids at home. Too many opinions will cloud your judgment and spoil the “AHH” moment of seeing how beautiful you look when you step up to the mirror in the salon. Don’t expect to take photos in every dress you try. It is not appropriate. Do bring pictures of styles that you think you would like. This typebodice, that kind of train, lots of lace, but try to keep an open mind as to the exact style. You may find that the gown you love in a magazine is not the fit for your body type. There is a reason the designer chooses that model to wear that dress; because she looks beautiful in it. You want to find the dress that makes you feel just as beautiful!

Your bridal consultant will assist you in choosing 4-5 gowns to try. At this first appointment you will definitely want to try a few different styles. Look for things that have elements of current trends. 3D laser cut lace and pearls are really in right now. Ball gowns are also popular. Also very simple dresses with architectural elements can be a great look for the bride seeking something without all the bling! If you focus on trying your top 4 or 5 gowns and not everything in the store you will not become so overwhelmed that you find it impossible to make a choice. Once you narrow your choices down try them on again. The dress should speak to you. You (and Mom) may have a tear or two. But don’t be surprised if you react a little differently. Some brides giggle or can’t stop looking at themselves. Everyone definitely wants to keep their dress on!

So this is the dress! Now you will want to look for accessories. Your consultant will show you how different veils can change your look. You can add drama to a simple gown by adding a longer veil or make a traditional dress more modern by tucking the veil under your up-do. A trained consultant should be able to give you ideas on ways to wear your hair that will complement your face shape and the style of your gown. She will know when to bring out the long chandelier earrings or keep it simple with grandmother’s pearls.

When you have questions regarding the rest of your event don’t be afraid to ask. Most bridal boutiques will be affiliated with a local wedding group and have lots of information and other contacts for you. They have seen the beautiful locations other brides have chosen and whose hair and make-up was picture perfect. They can even help find that tarot card reader you desperately want for your girls’ night out! They are friends with the best wedding planners in town and know what DJ can rock the house!

When you find the perfect wedding gown with the help of a professional consultant you will make a new friend. We care about our brides and want every one of you to look the way you have dreamt about since you first discovered boys.

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