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Timeless and Flawless Wedding Makeup

Getting your makeup look just right on your big day can be a challenge for any bride. You want to ensure that any imperfections are covered, but at the same time you don’t want your makeup to look heavy or ‘caked on.’ You want to feel comfortable standing face to face with your groom but also look good in pictures, having found the boundary between beautiful and stage makeup. Plus you want your guests to recognize you!

Brow Beautiful

A well tamed brow will frame your face beautifully and also make your eyes look bigger. But beware! The eyebrows should play a supporting role in the show called your face! Don’t let your brows become too “on fleek” and become the focal point of your face. Also, don’t get your eyebrows waxed too close to the wedding day. The wax sometimes will leave you red and blotchy. An alternative to waxing is threading which is more precise and accurate and will leave you will a more chiseled brow. Tip: A good brow shape is essential, so go to a professional!


Wear a neutral shade of lipstick for the ceremony and then enhance your look in the evening with a lovely red lip stick.

Amp up your look for evening with a beautiful red lip color. Not as scary as it sounds, the two toned lip showcases the top two shades in bridal lip wear, red and neutral.

Timeless Eyes

When picking your style, choose something that is timeless like a nude colored smokey eye.

Tip: Avoid any trends that are too severe. You want to look back at your wedding photos and see YOU, not the trend.

Sunset Eyes

The color pallet used for sunset eyes works well on most skin tones. Ask your make-up artist to use pastel colors with lots of blush to create the ideal glowing effect. Tip: A sunset palette looks amazing on most skin tones.

90’s Liner

From wedding dresses, to hair trends and now make-up, Michele Rene The Studio is creating a more relaxed look at weddings and at the bridal fashion shows. The emphasis is on soft, romantic styles and the revival of 90’s eyeliner is extremely fitting, and is a universal look.

Apply water proof eyeliner along and underneath the lash line then blend with a cotton bud to achieve this smokey, dreamy look. Tip: A soft romantic look paired with a strong 90's eyeliner on trend.

A Hint of Glitter

Possibly one of the biggest bridal make up trends ever; brides can’t get enough of metallic and sparkle. For a twinkle in your eye, use glitter eyeliner or apply a slick of clear lip-gloss along the eyelid and carefully add some glitter. Perfect for brides, that want to shine all night. Tip: Add some subtle glamour to your look with a metallic eye shadow.

Lash it Up

Brides love huge eyelashes, and we are all about applying eyelashes for a dramatic look that lasts all day and night. Eyelashes are the new standard for this decade. Eyelashes will open your eyes and bring more attentions to the windows of your soul! Lashes are great for “smizing” as Tyra Banks would say!

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