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The Venue at Diamond C Ranch

First Things First

The first step in planning the perfect wedding is to get a good idea of your budget. There is nothing worse than falling in love with an idea you can’t afford. Often family members love to chip in by paying for something special. The photographer, catering, or maybe even the bar!

If you think someone would like to help you, gently ask and see what they are willing to do. Once you have all the numbers together, it’s time to get the party started!

The Top 3 Things

Have a candid discussion with your fiancé to determine what the three most important things are that you both want included in your wedding. It could be a sit down dinner, 200 on your guest list, an open bar, a top notch DJ, or any number of things.

Once you are on the same page, make sure you budget accordingly. It will become easier to cut back in other places if needed. (Guest count will impact your budget more than anything else.)

"do not wait to reserve a location; venues book a year or more in advance."

One of a Kind

The first vendors you will want to book are the “one of a kinds.” For example, a venue may only have one wedding a day, the officiant, the photographer, and DJ can only be in one place at a time. So book these first. Caterers, bakers and rentals can follow.

Looking for something that will show off your individual style? Need ideas? Head to a Bridal Show, and go to www.NuovoBride.com to find the best of the best.

Next, make appointments to view venues, be on time and have your questions ready. You will know the right venue when you find it! Once you have decided on your venue, many of your decisions will fall easily into place.

For example, venues often accommodate a certain number of people, which determines your guest count. They may have preferred vendor lists and have availability only on certain dates. Do not wait to reserve the location; venues book a year or more in advance.

Checklists and Timelines

Get a copy of Nuovo Bride’s summer planner and get to work. The pages can be put into your binder and they have everything you need to plan the perfect wedding.

Your calendar is your friend. Break up all the tasks you need to accomplish and assign days for you to get them done. You will be amazed how easily things will come together when you break it up.

If it all seems too much for you, hire a planner. They are worth their weight in gold and can often save you a fortune. They know the vendors who deliver, every time and take all the guesswork out of making your day perfect!


Get your budget

set. Plan to spend

10% under budget,

because something

always comes up the

week before.


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