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Hitting the High Note

"What a party! I think I danced all night." That's what everybody wants to hear after his or her wedding day. How do you get to that point?

Start at the beginning, the ceremony. Will you have a beach wedding, barn wedding, country club, or are you getting married in a church? Casual or formal? There are plenty of possibilities to match your style. If you're getting married in a church, you may have more limited options. It is best to contact the music coordinator for that church to see what choices you have and if you can provide your own music.

Beach weddings are very popular and offer a wide variety of options. Many brides choose to have contemporary music to set the mood for their wedding ceremony. For them, a single guitarist who performs the kinds of music they love would be a great way to go. Be sure to ask about the possibility of using whomever you hire for the ceremony to play your cocktail hour as well. The additional cost is usually nominal depending on the location and size of the group that you hire.

On to the reception! There are even more choices to consider for the party. There is nothing like a great live band. Consider a group that will appeal to a wide variety of ages. After all, most guest lists include people of many ages and backgrounds. When considering a band, be sure to check out their current playlist, their demo (either audio or video) and ask about how they will help you make your event a success. A professional wedding band will have at least one member who can act as the emcee for your event. Make sure that you will be able to coordinate directly with that member of the band in advance so that all of those details run as smoothly as possible.

Booking live music is something that most people have never done and probably have no idea where to start. A reputable booking agency is the best way to give you the most choices. Rather than the one or two names you may get from a friend, a booking agency should be able to show you far more possibilities.


There is nothing like a great live band.


An agency that specializes in weddings will be able to help you with the entire event from the rehearsal dinner to the last dance at your reception. Most coordinators and venue event managers will be able to refer you to someone that they know to be experienced and professional in their area.

Music is the one thing at your wedding that affects everyone from the moment they walk in until the moment they leave. You can spend a fortune on flowers, food and a dress, but a great party with great music is usually the first thing people remember. Keep this in mind when comparing your options and give yourself and your guests a night to remember.

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