• Rev. Patricia LaRose

Your Wedding Day ... It's All About You!

On this day, you have chosen to marry the love of your life, your best friend. To be sure it comes off to perfection, choose wedding professionals with the expertise, experience and passion, which will ensure this the most memorable day in your life!

You have your venue and the date is set! The guest list has been started. Now is the time to book vendors that can only do one wedding a day. A wedding day Coordinator, DJ, Photographer and of course your Officiant, the person who makes it official.

Like any other wedding vendor, “chemistry is the key.” You should feel an immediate sense of comfort and they should be open to what you are looking for in a ceremony, or have the ability to understand your needs and assist in the decision making process.

Ask friends, family for referrals, research their websites and read their testimonials. The person you choose should be creating a ceremony that is magical and memorable.

Your Officiant should be passionate to your needs, and help you determine what type of ceremony you wish to have. They will guide you and ask the necessary questions to ascertain the personal and intimate details that are needed to write a loving and memorable ceremony.

The ceremony that you choose - should be exactly what you want - whether it be fully written / personalized ceremony which can be performed in the time frame you wish - generally 20 - 30 minute, or it can a ceremony that is short and sweet and have the exact flow you wish it to have - to create a loving, lighthearted ceremony. There is nothing traditional today about a wedding ceremony. You and your Officiant can determine what will be best to create that memorable day in your lives!


"Choose wedding professionals with the expertise, experience and passion ..."


Designate a close friend or family member that will be your right hand person – that person that will take control of all the details on and before your wedding day. That person knows this is your day, and will make sure that there is no stress, that knows where the marriage license is, where the wedding bands are, that person who will be there for you – no matter what it is or what it will take to allow you to breathe easy and enjoy this day – your wedding day – a day that will begin another new path of moments, new memories, as you begin a new life with the person of your dreams! To apply for marriage license in Sarasota County, you will need to appear with the person you will be marrying. You will require photo I.D; a driver’s license or a passport.

If you are divorced, you must know that exact date of the divorce and if you are widowed, you must know that exact date that your spouse passed on.

Always keep in mind, however, that this is your wedding day and it is all about you and the love of your life. Cheers!

Patricia LaRose is a Professional Wedding Officiant and Ordained Inter-faith Minister offering memorable, heartfelt ceremonies.

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