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Staycation Bachelorettes

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Don’t let the lavish, destination bachelorette parties of today’s wedding trends pressure you to follow suit. Celebrating with your bride tribe doesn’t have to cost a small fortune! A local bachelorette party won’t mean compromising the level of fun. From “staycations” to elaborate scavenger hunts, here are a few ideas to get the party started.

Make a weekend-long agenda.

When time and money are of concern, a great alternative is having a “staycation”. To make your staycation mimic a true weekend away, plan a variety of activities that could cover everyone’s interest.

TIP: We recommend downloading the Venmo app to easily share funds. This will come in handy for transportation and lodging costs.

Bunk up.

Enjoy the space you rented by throwing a classic “girls night in”. Pop the champagne and have a blast doing traditional slumber party activities. Load up on sheet masks and nail-polish, and cue up your favorite 90’s jams. There’s nothing more fun than turning up the nostalgia feels to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

TIP: Create a music playlist on Spotify for the occasion. Invite all of the bachelorette attendees to the list so they can uploading their favorite jams … WARNING: Dance parties, twerking, pillow flights and bed jumping may occur.

Find a balance.

When planning the agenda, you'll want balance. Allow for downtime, physical activity, cultural experiences, and something familiar. Having a pool/beach day can be well balanced with a low key BBQ dinner and then hitting up a local brewery.

Try that “new thing”.

Is there something you have all talked about trying? Maybe that means finding a winery or new local brewery. Take advantage of tourist attractions you've all driven past but never stopped to see. Every area has its hidden gems, here is your chance to experience them!

TIP: Find a group activity. If the bride is a foodie, sign up the squad for a cooking class.

Create a Scavenger Hunt.

Before there were escape rooms, there were scavenger hunts. Creating your own will give you the chance to be personal about the riddles and objects you’re searching for. The clues or objects can become as personal or as inappropriate as you want, especially as the night goes on.

TIP: Rent a party bus. This will accommodate a large group and allow you to have a personal driver for the night. Plus you can bring your own beverages!

Be flexible.

The flexible nature of a staycation is usually one of its biggest perks. Guests are free to attend other obligations that might have made them miss the trip otherwise. Remember that while they may not be able to enjoy the whole itinerary, the important part is that they made the effort to partake in the celebrations.

TIP: Have the Maid of Honor get a concrete guest lists for each day and activity.

Celebrating with all of your closest loved ones will be a night to remember. There is no “one size fits all” bachelorette party. Make it as personal as you can, and you will be reminiscing for decades to come.

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