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Wedding Traditions: To Have and to Hold, or Toss ‘em?

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Most couples and their families love to see some religious or cultural customs continue at a wedding. In fact, the traditional customs have been in place for so long, we’ve forgotten why they are part of our tradition in the first place! We’ve gathered the most common traditions, reveal their meanings and superstitions and offer a new spin.

Some of the following have us giggling and question what’s worth keeping or is it time to buck the trends?

Matching dresses for the Bridesmaids: Toss it!

Old: This was meant to confuse the bride’s exes and confuse evil spirits!

New: Often bridal parties are uniting at the wedding from across many states. The bride may choose a color or designer and have all the bridesmaids choose a dress that flatters them most.

The Best Man: Keep it!

Old: Back when there were arranged marriages, the best man was in place to make sure the bride didn’t get cold feet and run away.

New: We suggest a friendlier approach and invite the groomsmen to a pre-ceremony toast with your gals!

Something Old, Something New, Something Blue: Keep it!

Old: Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity, although this remains largely a British custom.

New: We’ve seen beautiful brooches from Grandma on the ribbon of the bride’s bouquet, and lots of romantic, sentimental touches. For a really New spin, add some fabulous blue shoes, or let your bridesmaids write a message on the soles in blue marker.

The First Look: Keep It!

Old: Originally came from the superstition that it was bad luck to even meet your bride, let alone see her before your wedding. Depending on her looks, the groom may change his mind! The bride’s family feared if he had too much time, he could call off the wedding!

New: We love the idea of the first look! Even with a photographer to capture those moments, it’s still an intimate and private time before the day gets crazy. Don’t worry, he’ll still be in awe of you walking toward him to exchange vows, and you’ll have a beautiful photo story for years to come.

Entry Over The Threshold: Toss it!

Old: In the past, the ‘blushing bride” of an arranged marriage was not allowed to show her eagerness to leave her father’s home. Therefore, her new husband “carried her away” as if against her will.

New: This translated into modern weddings as the husband carrying his bride over the threshold of their new home. While it is supposed to symbolize a new beginning in their lives, often times this symbol is not applicable in new aged romances. Most couples already co-habitate together before marriage, rendering this antiquated tradition pointless.


For more information and inspiration on personalizing your ceremony, consider hiring a celebrant you connect with that’s willing to sit with you before your wedding day. For more on local celebrants go to www.divinechapeloflove.com

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