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5 Tips For Happily Engaged Couples

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You are engaged for a short period of time compared to how long you two lovebirds will be counting wedded bliss for years to come! We know that planning your special day can come with countless small decisions that add up to one big event ... and price tag!

That kind of stress can get in the way of what really matters. We asked Reverend Sharon–Elizabeth from the Divine Chapel of Love to weigh in with some thoughts to arm you with a few tips to get you through your engagement period, and preserve the fun side that comes with planning a wedding.

1. Keep the planning peace

"Take both opinions into consideration before making a final choice." Rev. Sharon –Elizabeth says. “By putting your partner first, they will always feel valued and respected in any decision you come to. Ultimately, your gests won’t care if you choose between blush or rose colored linens. They are there to feel the love and celebrate the two of you!"

2. Always Be Honest

“Mean what you say ... but don’t say it mean!" is the first piece of advice Reverend Sharon-Elizabeth gives to any couple she meets. "Focus on the love that brought you together, speak your truth with kindness. Bringing up the past is never a good way to get your way. Always fight fairly, you’ll sleep better.”

3. Don’t Hit the Pillow with a Hot Head

Speaking of sleep, Reverend Sharon-Elizabeth says her great grandmother's advice is still true today! "Never, and I mean never, go to bed angry. Nothing is worth not kissing your sweetie goodnight. Give yourselves a cooling off period before going into the bedroom."

4. Take advantage of that Chemistry

"Take some dance lessons together. It can help with pre-wedding jitters and build memories. It creates a bond between you and your partner. When you break out your dance moves it will add an unexpected spark!"

5. “Netflix and Chill”

"Make a date night that does not revolve around wedding planning. Take a sunset walk, have a picnic, try a new restaurant or see a movie without talking about your wedding to-do list. This can reassure both of you what life will look like after the honeymoon bags are unpacked."

Reverend Sharon-Elizabeth is an ordained minister who can marry couples, help plan their ideal wedding ceremony, provide counseling and even help write wedding vows. At the Divine Chapel of Love, you can choose to marry in the Chapel venue or offsite at your wedding location. Love is all that Matters!

For more information, please visit www.divinechapeloflove.com

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