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Ask the Experts - Local Wedding Advice for Post Pandemic Planning

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

You asked, they answered! Our vendors are dedicated to helping make our bride's wedding day memorable and are here to answer your most dire questions. It’s time to start planning your big day, but where do you start? You are now holding the very best tool to plan the perfect wedding. From Covid concerns to making your event custom to you—our experts have the advice you need.

There’s no denying that planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Between finding the perfect venue, detailing all the logistics and overwhelming yourself by creating Pinterest boards with over-the-top inspiration, sometimes it’s easy to focus on the little details that can make your wedding extra special, while letting the mundane (yet important) details slide.

If wedding planning seems a little overwhelming to you, we always suggest hiring a wedding planner. Not in the budget? Invest in a good wedding notebook to keep you organized. Download our free wedding guide on www.NuovoBride.com.

BAKER: Southern Bay Bakery

Q: How can couples incorporate their personalities into their cake?

A: “Couples can incorporate their personalities in a few different ways. One way is through the flavor combination of the cake, filling, and icing. An example would be if the bride and groom are into the brewery scene. We can add their favorite beer into the simple syrup to soak the cake, or incorporate it into (depending on the flavor of beer) a buttercream or chocolate ganache for the filling. Another way is by the look of the final design. You could add a fun, personalized topper or just make it your own and not go with the "classical" look. A third option is through a groom's cake. This cake is all about him and is typically eaten at the rehearsal dinner but it could be alongside the wedding cake at the reception. We have done some super hero cakes, video game cakes, and Star Wars cakes for the groom's special cake.“ —Haylee Shaddock, Owner

Website: www.SouthernBayBakery.com

@southernbaybakery_stpete, @southernbaybakery_dunedin

Phone: 727.953.3493

Email: sbbakeryd@gmail.com


Q: Benefits to planning a wedding at a country club?

A: “At a country club, we have an established network of industry professionals at our disposal. Many event spaces are attractive, but require large parties to supply their own chairs, tablecloths, and decorations. Allow an experienced event coordinator at a country club to be your matchmaker! They can suggest the perfect vendor for your unique taste and style. Especially with the menu. Compared to hosting a wedding reception at a restaurant or having to manage a location with a separate caterer, clubs combine convenience and choice along with an experienced staff. Finally, it’s hard to beat the exquisite and peaceful setting of a country club. Their perfectly manicured grounds makes it an ideal backdrop for photographs that you will cherish forever.“ —Laura Lattanzio, Member Relations Director

Website: www.TPCprestancia.com


Phone: 941.922.2800

Email: llattanzio@heritagegolfgroup.com

STATIONERY: Print & Pine Design

Q: How do I handle pandemic changes on my wedding stationery?

A: “The pandemic has brought about unique designs for wedding stationery. Some are sending out reprints with whimsical verbiage addressing any changes. If you are forced to elope, change your date or venue, or need to postpone, utilizing your wedding website is a cost effective and time saving grace. If the invitations were sent out already, contact everyone ASAP. Reach out to your stationery vendor and ask for covid re-print discounts! Once locking down your venue (and ensuring they can accommodate your desired guest count), send out your save the dates well in advance. Typically 8 months to one year is appropriate. Keep in communication with your guests through your wedding website. Have a prompt or disclaimer on the mailed save the dates to monitor for changes.” —Jaclyn Smither, Owner + Designer

Website: www.etsy.com/printandpinedesign


Phone: 941.323.1056

Email: printandpinedesign@gmail.com

CATERING: Mattison’s Catering Company

Q: What is trending now with having to adjust for Covid safe events?

A: “Several trends are driving the industry right now. Catering stations offer a more diverse menu and socially distanced dining experience versus a plated dinner. The last year has caused a complete shift in the way stations are presented to guests. Appetizers are plated individually and served on a tray instead of being on a shared tray for guests to select from. Stations have dedicated attendants to plate the guests food, helping to minimize multiple hands touching the same serving utensils. Smaller events are trending to keep gatherings to a manageable number at inside venues. Outside events are definitely the new norm for now and luckily we live in Florida so the weather is ideal. Mattison’s is an expert caterer with the ability to adjust and pivot as the trends dictate.“ —Paul Mattison, Executive Chef

Website: www.Mattisons.com


Phone: 941.358.3334

Email: CarynH@mattisons.com

PLANNING: Kimberly Ann Events

Q: How can I have the wedding of my dreams but ensure I don't go over budget?

A: “First, meet with all of the contributing people. Set your budget from there. Parents or grandparents will occasionally pay for a specific item at the wedding, such as the open bar, so you an allocate those funds appropriately. The best way to stay on budget is make a list of the important things to you and your partner for your wedding. Focus on those items. Then there is a basic pie chart that will help you manage your money. Another tip I always recommend is to take 10% of your budget and save it. In the last weeks before your wedding, there is always something that comes up. Something new that you will want, need or forgot. Keeping a bit for 'in case of emergency' situations will help you feel secure before the big day.” —Kim Frazer, Owner

Website: www.KimberlynAnnEvents.com


Phone: 941.993.0696

Email: kimberlyannevents@gmail.com

OUTDOOR VENUE: Chapel Creek Weddings

Q: Outdoor Florida Weddings: Ideas for weather preparation?

A: “Your wedding date will determine if an outdoor wedding is even a reasonable possibility. Mid-April through September is generally just too hot for most outdoor venues. By the end of December to the beginning of February it can be chilly at night. No problem, you have "Plan B!" If it’s going to be cold at night, think about adjusting the time of the ceremony to earlier in the day, rent heaters, or maybe a bonfire is in order. If it’s going to be hot, move the ceremony to 4pm or later. Rent fans, keep your activities in the shade. Ask your venue how they deal with inclement weather, fire ants, mosquitoes and other crawly things. Do you need to rent heaters and/or fans or are they supplied? Is there an indoor option in case of heavy rain? Do you need to supply bug spray for your guests, or do they fog the area?” —Beth Winkle, Owner

Website: www.ChapelCreekEvents.com


Phone: 941.993.0696

Email: info@ChapelCreekEvents.com

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