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Q&A: Benefits of Uplighting a Wedding

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Uplighting has become one of the hottest trends for weddings and other events to transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary.

What is uplighting?

They are small lighting units that are placed on the ground or floor around a room or area. The lights can be set to a color or colors that will illuminate walls, trees, or any surface it is pointed towards.

To Extraordinary

Uplights can be set up with about any color or colors that you desire. Most uplights available today are battery operated which provides a lot of flexibility to place them indoors or outdoors. With batter operated uplights, you don’t see power cords running around your venue and if you’re having an outdoor event, they can be used as functional lighting to illuminate areas that would normally be dark.

Where are uplights placed?

There are many places that uplighting can be placed around rooms perimeter. Uplighting can also be used to highlight the head table, cake table, tall architecture, or simply the rooms outer walls by spacing out the uplights evenly around the room. You can easily stop there and just use uplights to achieve a big impact on your space.

Uplighting can make a dramatic impact also if your event is outdoors. Uplighting can be placed to highlight buildings, décor, trees and other landscaping that will make your guests go WOW!

How Many uplights do I need?

The number of lights you need will vary based on your vision and the size of the room. As a high-level guide, if you’re planning for 50 to 100 guests 10 uplights would be a good place to start. 150 to 200 guests, a minimum of 20 would be recommended. With 250 to 300 guests a minimum of 30 would be recommended. To make a greater impact, consider doubling the number of uplights to really make the room POP!

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