• Locale Gourmet Market

Breakfast for Dinner Wedding Reception with Locale Market

Bride & Groom: Cristina & Gregg Hiferding

Wedding Date: 12.30.2018

Vendor List:

Caterer | Locale Market and Catering

Venue | Station House

Planner | Kathleen Brate with Southern Romance Events Make Up | Kelsey White

Hair | Amanda Killian

Floral | ABC Event Planning

Photographer | Jen of the Portos (@theportos)

“Greg and Cristina went with their favorite flavors and put a new spin on a traditional wedding dinner buffet. They love breakfast and had fun with turning breakfast items into a very special dinner,” Cristina Scaramuzzi from Locale Market and Catering told Nuovo Bride.

“My team and I balanced the menu to be the fun breakfast flavors but stand on its own as a dinner with flavors appealing to all. It was a perfect balance of the couples requested menu and a well-received dinner by all of their guests."

She suggests, “Go out on a limb. Traditions are important but made to be broken. It's fun to start new traditions unique to you! A wedding is the place where couples can make their first footprint on how they want their lives to be moving forward. If the couple has something that is important to them like a 'Breakfast for Dinner' menu, then go for it.

Years from now, the couple can incorporate this new tradition into many facets of their lives. A breakfast menu for anniversaries or birthdays will be uniquely special to them and their family.”

Cristina tells her clients, “As you head into wedding planning and planning for your lives together, take time to create your own spin on YOUR story. Find what is special, funny, personal, memorable, heartfelt to you as a couple and incorporate it into your big day. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!"

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