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Cake Trends - What's Hot for 2021?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

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It has been a full year since the pandemic changed the way we interact with the world. Couples had to put their wedding dreams on hold and the industry pivoted to catch up to accommodate safety measures for our new normal in bridal.

Bakers have been challenged to develop creative desserts that work for our new normal. As a result, there has been an outpouring of innovative cake designs that make wedding cakes (or cake alternatives) more exciting than ever!

Here are six sweet new trends to consider:

individual desserts

Dessert and candy tables are out for now, but we have a work around. Individually wrapped sweet treats are in! Re-imagine your dessert table and think of confections wrapped in style. Cupcake towers are now becoming cupcake boxes. Mini macaroon boxes acting as favors or table seating name holders. Personalize them with a monogrammed sticker or ribbon.

mixed confections

Can’t decide between a traditional cake or a dessert table with mixed confections? Now you don’t have to! Have a

single tier of cake and be adventurous by adding layers of macaroons, donuts, cookies and more.

skinny mini cut cakes

Some venues still have guest count restrictions. Smaller numbers means fewer cake slices. Recreate a traditionally

tiered cake but make it a skinny cut cake. Go all out with the decorations and make it the cake you’ve always dreamt of - just mini.

buttercream details

This past year was filled with so many ups and downs, let’s find comfort in choosing a classic. Some couples are going back to basics and choosing a simple white buttercream cake for their first dessert as a married couple. Stenciling, frosting textures, unique cake flavors and fillings will be the highlight of their dessert.

modern art accents

The opposite of tradition - we see some couples who are embracing the changes of 2020 and looking to turn their cake into a piece of art! Dark, moody color pallets, with metallic flairs. Fondant textures to add an architectural appeal. Cake layers with different shapes to add dimension. All the rules of tradition can be thrown out the window for 2021.

plated desserts

Opt for a plated dessert! Plated ‘cakelettes’ add a touch of elegance and luxury. Decadent layers and flavors can be served to guest in-lieu of cutting a sheet cake. Try the upcoming popular “stacked dessert”. Croquembouche, puff pastries with delightful fillings, or mini donuts can all be arranged in a stack to wow your guests.

Most couples have asked in to Nuovo Bride Magazine if it is safe to have a wedding cake amidst Covid-19, and the simple answer is - absolutely! Cake should be included in any type of ceremony. The tradition of cutting into your wedding cake offers a unique sense of normalcy into your celebration that can be altered to be safe for everyone to enjoy.


Meet the Expert: Haylee Shaddock, Owner

Haylee Shaddock is the owner and baker if Southern Bay Bakery. When Chef Haylee was attending baking school in New York it became her dream to someday open a bakery in her home state of Florida. A year and a half after she graduated college, she bought her first bakery in Tampa. Locations now in St. Pete and Dunedin! See more on www.SouthernBayBakerycom

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