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With online music services at everyone’s fingertips today, it allows couples to be much more interactive on not only selecting songs for their special dances but helping to customize music for their wedding day. Music services like Spotify make it easy to create music playlists for every part of your wedding day.

Creating playlists allows you to customize the music of your wedding day, and it also gives your wedding DJ a better idea of the music to mix into your reception. Your DJ can integrate the songs in your playlist to best fit the response on the dance floor, along with integrating music that your guests request and songs that complement your playlists. Begin by thinking of the music you desire for the different moments of your day. Pre-ceremony music is music that you would like played as your guests arrive and get seated before your wedding ceremony. You may not be attending your cocktail hour, however, you can share your taste in music with your guests in the background as they enjoy appetizers and drinks. What background music would you like to enjoy during dinner? And when you’re ready to dance, you can customize the soundtrack of your evening. It may sound like a lot of work, however, just by searching for wedding playlists on your favorite music services, you will find that other couples have created playlists to get you started. Spotify makes this easy when using their search feature. Typing in “weddings” will get you started. Once you see the results, click on playlist to see what playlists others have already created. Feel free to get specific with playlists that you are looking for. For example, by searching “wedding cocktail” and clicking on playlists, you’ll be given plenty of wedding cocktail playlists to check out.

You can easily create a separate playlist for each part of your wedding day.

Here are some tips if you’re creating a playlist for dancing into the night: - Consider the music tastes of your guests. You typically have the greatest variety of ages attending your event at the earliest part of the evening.

- Keep the music upbeat. However, don’t forget about the slow songs. Usually a couple of slow songs per hour will be greatly appreciated by the couples that would like a romantic, slow song to dance to.

Plan on selecting around 15 to 20 songs per hour. This may vary based on other activities that you have planned throughout your wedding.

Let your DJ know what songs on your playlist are most important to be played.

Ready to create your own playlist? Here’s a link to Spotify’s “How to Create a Playlist” page: https://support.spotify.com/is/using_spotify/playlists/create-a-playlist/ Many DJs have the capability to integrate playlists from services like Spotify into the software they use. Check with your DJ to see if the specific music service that you’re using integrates with their software. If so, create your list, and share it with your DJ’s account to get the party started! Happy music surfing!

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