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Not only can you use your cultural background to tell you story, more and more couples are choosing to customize their design to include hints of their personalities and interest. Think about what you have in common, then incorporate that into your wedding cake. Not only will it create a “WOW” moment, it will help share your story with your guests and generate plenty of photographable moments.

Here are our top theme picks:

Nerd Out

“I have had the opportunity to bring couples personalities to life with little details on their cakes. From a Harry Potter, Doctor Who mash-up cake, to a World of Warcraft theme cake complete with a castle and dragon, to their favorite sports team logos peaking out behind a Curtin of fondant, couples are wanting to express their uniqueness through the design.”

There are endless ways to create these details. Molding chocolate, rice crispies treats, fondant, editable paint, or event cake toppers and little figurines can be incorporated into the overall theme of the cake.

Travel or Destination

Like to travel together? Met of a trip? Grew up next door to one another? It’s the little details that can help share your love story and inspire a gorgeous cake like this Miami themed cake Jovana created.

How about your cultures? Utilize flavors to spark combinations never seen before!

College & Sports

Have a favorite team? Nothing brings people together like team spirit. Even if you root for rival teams, there are fun ways your can share a common interest through the decor of the cake.

Met in college? Use your school colors through out your wedding and in your cake.

Maybe you share a love for the same sport and that’s how you met? Golf, tennis, football, baseball can all translate into elegant wedding cake decor if used in little pops.


Many couples have already melded their live together by the time their wedding rolls around. If you have shared pets and are known for your love of animals, you can find little replicas of your favorite animal(s) and add them to your cake topper.

The possibilities are endless, so go ahead, have some fun with this! We suggest having a phone conversation with your cake artist prior to your tasting to give them enough time to get creative!

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