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Why you should consider Argentina for your honeymoon.

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Imagine a honeymoon destination where you could explore a historic city, lounge on a sparkling beach, horseback ride through dusty mountain trails, sip wine at renowned vineyards, and peer down over massive waterfalls. Sound incredible?

If so, the country of Argentina offers all of those options and more! Plus, if you are planning a winter or spring escape, Argentina’s southern hemisphere location makes it an ideal option for couples craving warm weather during chillier months.

The country’s warmth also extends beyond its temperatures. The culture throughout Argentina is vibrant and passionate – as to be expected from the home of the tango! Argentina was built by immigrants over the past two centuries, and its citizens are proud to show off their combined Latin and European way of life.

Over the past few years, the Argentine Peso’s exchange rate has become very favorable compared to the US dollar – all while flights to Buenos Aires have increased. It is now possible to book direct flights to Buenos Aires from Miami on several airlines, with most economy seats priced under one thousand dollars if booked in advance.

The country’s two largest cities of Buenos Aires and Cordoba are energetic and modernized while simultaneously embracing their gilded pasts. In Buenos Aires, honeymooners can stroll past dozens of outdoor cafes and boutiques that delightfully pepper the sidewalks, allowing them to feel like they are in Europe! Alternately, Cordoba’s numerous local universities give the city an air of youthfulness while still prioritizing the preservation of its historic Spanish Colonial architecture.

For honeymooners who want to venture beyond Argentina’s charming cities, options for more rural adventures abound. Top options include:

Estancia Tours

Meat lovers will rejoice on an estancia (ranch) tour, because the traditional gaucho (cowboy) culture has turned grilling into a national artform. Honeymooners can book full-day tours from most Argentinian cities, complete with horseback riding, lassoing, and gorging on endless grilled meat.

Mendoza Wine Region

The Mendoza wine region is nestled in the foothills of the Andes and rivals the beauty of Napa Valley. English language wine tours are plentiful, and guides will shuttle visitors to local wineries to sip and swish different varieties of the region’s world-famous Malbec red wine.

Iguazu Falls

Situated on along the expansive Brazilian border, honeymooners willing to brave the humidity to visit the massive Iguazu Falls in Argentina’s northern jungle will be rewarded with stunning vistas overlooking the largest waterfall system in the world.

Mar Del Plata

One of the most popular beaches on Argentina’s eastern coast is Mar Del Plata – a place where Argentinians go to see and be seen. For honeymooners seeking a couple of relaxing days in the sun, a trip to Mar Del Plata could be a great choice.


The Swiss-inspired mountain town of San Carlos de Bariloche in southern Argentina is widely considered the gateway to the rugged Patagonia region. It is a terrific home base for honeymooning hikers. The outdoor lifestyle is worshiped here – along with craft beer and chocolate!

Argentina’s vast combination of affordability, accessibility, and variety of attractions allows it to be a great option for honeymooners in 2019. As its popularity continues to grow among US travelers, the country has certainly earned its space on the honeymoon destination map!


Eliz Armstrong Zacarias is the founder of the Means To Travel blog and brand. This year she relocated to Chicago after eight years working in digital media in NYC. She has been blogging over fifteen years, and in the past four years has focused solely on travel and personal finance. Eliz and her husband share a deep passion for travel, and have been abroad four times in 2018 alone!

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