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Majestic Romance

Iceland may not have the beaches of Hawaii, the crystal clear waters of Bora Bora, or the exquisite food of Italy. But one thing is for sure, this Nordic country is a land that is just waiting to be discovered. Bubbling hot springs, glistening glaciers and majestic waterfalls come together to dazzle any traveler.

Whether you looking to steal a kiss under the Northern Lights or cuddle beneath the Midnight Sun, this Scandinavian island will provide wonders that will transport you to another time and place. Here are our top romantic picks.

Hot Springs

Take a dip and cozy up! While Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is arguably one of the most iconic tourist spots, the ticket price is sky high and admission is limited. There are plenty of natural hot springs around the country that are more romantic without all the tourists. Our favorite? The Secret Lagoon can be found outside of Reykjavik (the country’s capitol) and tours are easy to book.

TIP: If your heart is set on swimming in the Blue Lagoon with your S.O. book your time slot 3-6 months in advanced.

Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis can be one of the greatest spectacles on earth! Keep in mind that this is a natural phenomenon and can’t be guaranteed. If you are lucky enough to capture the most beautiful hues of green, pink, purple, and yellow, you’ll need to travel outside the city. Jökulsárlón and Kirkjufell are hot spots for stellar views.

TIP: Only visible from October to early April.

Chase Waterfalls

There is no shortage of waterfalls in this majestic country. Our favorites? Skógafoss is powerful and comes directly from two glaciers. Gullfoss sits along the Golden Circle and will stun you with its rapids. Seljalandsfoss allows you to stand behind the stream, making for a romantic and secluded moment.

TIP: Skógafoss provides stunning views at Sunset.

Black Sand Beaches

One of the most unique settings Iceland can provide is their famous black sand beaches. Head east to a little town called Vik for a lunch date, then walk their striking beaches taking in the sites of Atlantic waves crashing into the Fjords.

TIP: Drive! Rent a car and revel in the stunning landscape all the way to Vik.

Glittering Glaciers

Jökulsárlón hosts the largest free standing glacier in all of Europe, Vatnajökull. Active travelers ... this one is for you! Book a tour, strap on some crampons and prepare to climb a massive glacier with mesmerizing views. (GoT fans - this is a major filming site!)

TIP: Hit the Black Diamond Beach on the way back. Chunks of glaciers will sparkle against the sand.

Remember that the time of year is key! Think about what you want to experience. Tours are abundant, but some are only available during specific seasons, and a guide will be needed for the more active adventures.

Even with Iceland’s fickle weather, you are in for the most magical experiences. Prepare to feed your soul as you begin the biggest journey of all …

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