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Remember to Check Your Attitude and Dance

Feeling Stressed?

Every bride wants to create the perfect day. However, we know it can get stressful, running around feeling frazzled and annoyed. Soon everyone around you starts to take on those same feelings, ultimately making the whole situation chaotic and totally stressful. You do not want to experience this on your wedding day!

Keeping a calm and positive outlook on your wedding day will rub off on others creating a positive environment for everyone. The more “zilla” you get, the more everyone else will start to panic right along with you. Your energy will lead the vibe for the day.

Tips to Create a Stress Free Environment:

Timeline - Create a detailed timeline of the day for your planner. Think through all the details and then let it go. Trust your vendors to do their job.

Hair and Make Up - Work with the hair and make up team to set up a schedule. The bride should always be first with the stylist. You want to make sure you have plenty of time. Get touched up before you put on your dress.

Keep Your Entourage to a Minimum - Prior to the ceremony, keep guest interactions to a minimum. This is a quiet time just for you. Sometimes guests mean well, but instead of being helpful they can cause more stress than needed. Lean on close friends and relatives to be the person that fields any issues.

Eat, eat and eat! - Don't skip any meals and have snacks ready! Designate one of your bridesmaids, family members, or groomsmen to pick food up in the morning. When dinner time comes, dont get distracted! Be the first in line and have a private moment between you and your new spouse. While everyone else is finishing up, that's the perfect time to walk around and say hello and thank guests for coming.

Pick the Right Playlist - One of the most important vendors to a successful wedding is the right DJ or live band. You want someone who is able to read the room, listen to requests, and get the party started!

Smile - If you are a happy couple, your guests are happy too. If your wedding seems boring, it’s because you do not appear to be having fun. The best way to get people up and dancing? Simply smile and lead the way!

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