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While romantic destinations such as Paris, Santorini, and the Maldives will never go out of vogue for honeymoons, the travel trends of 2019 are poised to bring some new destinations into the spotlight. Depending on what type of vacation you and your fiancé enjoy, there may be a reason to consider these three up-and-coming destinations for your perfect post-nuptial getaway!

Money Savers: Argentina

The Argentine peso made headlines in 2018 after plummeting against the US dollar and hitting record lows. The change has had little impact on the safety of travel to the country, making Argentina a terrific budget-friendly honeymoon option. Analysts predict that Argentina will continue to be “on sale” throughout 2019, which means its world-class cities, sandy beaches, lassoing gauchos, prolific wine regions, towering mountains, and many more attractions will be comfortably within reach.

The cost of dining, spa treatments, souvenirs, and excursions will feel incredibly affordable. As a result, a honeymoon in Argentina will reduce any guilt about ordering the entire bottle of Malbec wine with dinner! Cheers to that!

Adventure-Seekers: Western Australia

In 2019, the western coast of Australia will continue seeing significant tourism investment that should place it firmly on the honeymoon map. The Ritz-Carlton Perth will open its doors next year on the recently redeveloped Elizabeth Quay. This follows three other hotel openings in the area in 2018. The city of Perth acts as a terrific jumping off point for adventurous honeymooners looking to explore the vast outdoors of Western Australia, including activities such as swimming with whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef or taking a scenic helicopter ride over the limestone cliffs of the arid Kimberly terrain. With new flights into Perth being added from international destinations in 2019, the western coast of Australia will be more accessible than ever before.

Romantics: Quebec City, Canada

The US Dollar has gained strength against the Canadian dollar in recent years, causing a surge in US tourists to consider Canadian vacations. Topping the romance list is charming Quebec City. The colonial architecture within the city’s historic fortified walls has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site, resulting in the city’s cobblestone streets and antique storefronts making travelers feel as though they have been transported back in time.

As a former French territory, Quebec locals speak French first, and their Quebecois cuisine is heavily influenced by French traditions. Notably, the majestic and honeymoon-perfect Chateau Frontenac Hotel crowns the city atop a bluff overlooking the Saint Lawrence River, and is rumored to be the most photographed hotel in the world. For honeymooners who desire a European ambiance closer to home, Quebec City is sure to be a winner in 2019!

The trend for young couples to opt for unique travel experiences will likely continue into 2019 as some honeymooners shy away from beach retreats in favor of adventure. With several new up-and-coming destinations to add into consideration, it will be easier than ever for couples to identify their perfect trip to celebrate their perfect match!

Eliz Armstrong Zacarias is the founder of the Means To Travel blog and brand. This year she relocated to Chicago after eight years working in digital media in NYC. She has been blogging over fifteen years, and in the past four years has focused solely on travel and personal finance. Eliz and her husband share a deep passion for travel, and have been abroad four times in 2018 alone!

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