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Wedding Registry

Newly wedded couples of today’s generation are rarely looking for china patterns. Most often than not, couples have already moved away from the umbrella of their parents and live on their own. If you have already consolidated your household items, how exactly do you create a wedding registry?

The Digital Approach

Thanks to technology, there are bridal registries that allow for more unique choices. Forget toasters and linens, modern couples want gift cards, an opportunity to adventure somewhere unforgettable, or cash towards a major life purchase. One way to subtly ask for cash instead of gifts: use a registry, but make it for an experience or a big item that guests help buy in pieces. Here are three ideas.

1. Gift Card Registry - CardAvenue.com allows couples to register for gift cards from select stores. The bride and/or groom picks what they want, and since the gift cards don't expire, they can use them as an emergency fund down the line. With no purchase or transaction fees this is a practical alternative.

2. Honeymoon Registry - As with CardAvenue, sites like HoneyFund.com or Wanderable.com allows you to ask for money without really asking for money. The site allows you to request cash for everything from airfare to a special brunch or sexy date night out, hotel stay, or cultural experiences during the honeymoon. Our favorite part: you can fill out your own descriptions and get personal with it! Even though they are essentially gifting you cash, your loved ones will feel like they are helping to give you an experience of a lifetime.

3. Digital Cash Registry - Cash registries allow couples to put money towards big ticket items such as a new car, future home or perhaps just furniture and/or home improvements. Already using TheKnot.com for your wedding website? They offer a digital cash registry called The Newlywed Fund. It couldn’t be any easier to set up! They allow you to personalize each item you are looking to buy and guests can contribute a portion to help you reach your goals. Link your bank account so your guests' contributions will be transferred directly post wedding.

So how do you ask? Even though giving money as a wedding gift is fairly common, many couples still feel awkward when it comes to telling their guests that a cash gift is what they would prefer. If you’re planning to ask for money instead of gifts, here are some ways to spread the word with out being rude.

Spread the Word Politely

A good way to share that request with your guests is by word of mouth. Start by tell your parents, close family members and wedding party. You can explain that you have everything you need to get your life started together — and help with a honeymoon, savings fund, or down payment would be far more useful for the two of you. From there, they can pass along the information to other guests who inevitably ask, “where are they registered?”

Include a Poem

A simple money poem can be a cute and less direct way of asking for cash. Look to Pinterest.com for sweet ideas that will make guests smile while simultaneously allowing you to (gracefully) make your preference clear. Here is an example:

As we’ve lived together for a year or two,

We really don’t need anything new.

The thought of a gift is very sweet,

But a small donation would really be a treat.

We can’t wait to spend our wedding day with you,

Thank you for helping make our dreams come true!

Include this on your wedding website or on a separate insert card that is sent out with your invitations. Don’t forget to add the links to your preferred digital registries listed above.

Give Options

If you know you have a group of traditional guests … provide an option! Create a very small registry and carefully select a few items that you haven’t let yourself splurge on. Guests who don’t feel comfortable with a cash present, or may not be digitally savvy, will appreciate the diversity.

Whatever registry you decide, and however you spread the word, make sure guests know that any kind of generosity is much appreciated.

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