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Where The Planning Begins

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It finally happened! You got the most beautiful, well thought out proposal you could have imagined! He did such a great job popping the question, you’ve already posted it on


For the last few weeks or longer, you have been retelling the story, gazing at your new hardware, feeling like a rock star and floating on cloud 9; that is, until someone asks “when are you two getting married?”

And now it starts … the planning stage!

These days, both of you are working full time navigating your careers, juggling your obligations and social lives….how do you fit in planning a wedding? It can be easy to get overwhelmed. Our best advice is to get organized before you begin the process.

Most brides at some point in their lives will have attended a family or friend’s wedding or even a bridal showcase and have some idea of what they would like for themselves. It’s ideal to have a digital file like Pinterest to share with your fiancee or planner. Dream big, you can always get inspired ideas and make them your own to fit your lifestyle.

So far, the two of you have been discussing the "When and Where" you’d like to get married, the style of wedding you’d like to have, your guest list, your wedding party, what kind of food, cake, entertainment style. So many decisions!

Ultimately, it comes down to the budget.

The biggest factor that will help make your early decisions is your budget, family availability and involvement. You may not know exactly what your dollar amount is, but you need to have a reasonable idea so you can begin to visit venues that will work within reason.

The number of guests you’d like at your wedding will help narrow down your venue choices. Once cost and guest list is considered, you can start your venue tours.

If you are getting married in a house of worship then a second location for the reception, it’s best to get the available dates from the house of worship first, bring those dates with you to the venue tour.

Our suggestion: Make a list of what you need and a list of what you want. This helps to clarify the best venue choice, once all the needs are met, you can check off more of the wants, and hopefully both lists will be fulfilled. Some planers will make appointments and tour venues with you, others may jump in after you have chosen a venue.

If you have hired an experienced planner, which we recommend at www.nuovobride.com, they may provide you with a full list of of items to check off as you navigate through the venue tours.

Either way, do your homework and enjoy this journey!

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